Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"CERV celebrates fourth year; is optimistic about the future of volunteering in the Philippines"

CERV-Philippines is four years old this month. Despite ever-present challenges its volunteers continue to bring goodwill from around the globe to marginalized Filipino communities.

About two hundred fifty international volunteers, sponsors and donors have helped various communities and institutions in Metro Manila and the provinces of Romblon, Iloilo, Camarines Sur, Batangas and Rizal provinces.

Our volunteers build, repair and enhance public schools; conduct medical missions and dispense medical services; donate relief goods; school and medical supplies; nurture and plant thousands of mangrove seedlings; among many other humanitarian services.

Some volunteers even sponsor life-saving medical operations for beneficiary persons as well as support the education of several deserving Filipino students.

Established to be the Philippine partner of the New Zealand-based Global Volunteer Network CERV is now a partner of the newly-founded international placement organization Meaningful Volunteer, also based in New Zealand.  It is also in the process of studying some partnership applications from other similar global organizations.

CERV’s four-year journey is not without pains, however.  Barely a year into its operations it had to transfer from its original placement area in Iloilo to Romblon Province due mainly to communication glitches with the local government unit.  Its main placement site is now the town of San Agustin in Romblon where it has been operating the past three years.  Romblomanons still warmly welcome each new batch of volunteers who bring much-needed assistance.

 CERV is also suffering the negative effects of the current global financial crisis with several withdrawals by volunteers.  Still, we persevere by trying to introduce better programs in the hope that a good word-of-mouth would be an effective promotion strategy to counter the consequent decline of volunteer applications worldwide.

 We also hope that CERV not only maintains its current partners but forge tie-ups with more global volunteer recruitment networks to ensure the program’s continuity for the benefit of more communities in need.

 Come. Volunteer.  Donate.  Sponsor.  Help uplift more lives and, in the process, enhance yours.

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