Thursday, December 31, 2009

CERV ends 2009 successfully; has high hopes for 2010

TO ROUND UP the year, CERV-Philippines helped in the complete rehabilitation of Batibot Early Learning Center, a school completely submerged and destroyed during the Ondoy (Ketsana) calamity.

Volunteers Erik Johnson (USA) and Paul Olney (GB) worked hard in repainting the school’s educational blocks and help in the delivery of books, water purifier, electric fan and medicines.

 CERV also bought paints and painting supplies which the school’s parents used in repairing the destroyed structure.

 Batibot is located in the city of Marikina, one of the most devastated localities during Ondoy’s wrath. For more of the story go here.

 CERV also participated in delivering relief goods to 17 communities within Metro Manila and Northern Luzon, particularly in the cities of Quezon and Pasig, and the towns of San Mateo in Rizal Province, Guimba in Nueva Ecija and Bambang in Pangasinan.

 These relief operations were participated in by volunteers Yusuke Nakata (Japan) and  Shafaq Varghese (USA).

 Financial donations from the GVN Foundation of New Zealand and USA and former volunteers made these projects possible.  It also enabled CERV to implement repairs to the CERV offices and dormitory in Quezon City, which was damaged by the succession of destructive storms.  Part of the donation was also used to buy additional carpentry tools for CERV’s school building repair and maintenance program.

 Meanwhile, Global Volunteer Network  decided to continue its partnership with CERV—a decision that reversed its earlier plan to abrogate the partnership that was originally scheduled to end on August of 2010.

 “I am pleased to advise you that our management team have completed the review and are happy to continue with our partnership,” GVN founder and CEO Colin Salisbury said.

 GVN is the world’s biggest volunteering network with more than 11,500 volunteers deployed in six continents since 2002.

 The year 2009 proved to be another successful, albeit challenging, year for CERV.   There was a slight increase in the number of volunteers across all months of the year while CERV’s programs benefited from several improvements introduced through its collaboration with Meaningful Volunteer.

 CERV looks forward to the New Year with renewed hope, buoyed by recent successes in its response to the “Ketsana” and “Pempe” calamities.  Together with its current and future international volunteers it promises to help more Filipino communities and social service institutions in need of the world’s kindness.

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