Saturday, April 4, 2009

CERV distributes school supplies

Siblings Claudine and Loren Falcutila belong to a brood of nine.  The two are the only  ones in school while the rest have dropped out.  Both have to scale a hill on a muddy path and walk for hours everyday before they reach school and back.  Their father is a subsistence farmer but is ailing with hernia; their mother is a housewife.

 As the new Philippine academic year opened last month Claudine and Loren as well as 28 other school kids received new uniforms, shoes, bags and school supplies from former volunteer Kathryn Nicholas (New Zealand).  Kathryn and family are sponsoring 30 children on their schooling (read related story below).

 But several members of the original list of 30 have dropped out of school due to extreme poverty.  Kathryn and CERV then decided to look for other kids from impoverished families to sponsor.

 According to the National Statistic Office of the Philippines, four out of ten Filipino children do not finish elementary school due to poverty and inaccessibility of public schools in poor areas of the country.

 CERV accepts teaching volunteers to assist public school teachers and contribute to the education of 45 million school-age children.

 It also accepts donations through these links: (tax-deductible in the United States) and

 or email CERV directly at

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