Thursday, June 24, 2010

No swine flu cases in CERV placement areas; zero death in the Philippines

The Philippines now has nearly 200 cases of the global A(H1N1) swine influenza virus originally brought in by locals and foreigners who travelled from infected countries.  Thankfully, no death has yet been reported and the country’s health authorities say that all reported cases are of the very mild strain. Like with the avian flu virus, it is hoped that the Philippines would be spared from the worst of the pandemic.

 This is, of course, good news to incoming or prospective volunteers.

 CERV intends to help keep it that way.  As there is a growing concern that incoming volunteers, particularly those coming from swine flu-hit countries, might be infected, CERV is asking all of them to take flu vaccinations and boost their immunity systems by regularly taking multivitamins before flying over.

 This is the first time that CERV is asking this from future volunteers, and it is the only vaccination it recommends.  It also asks volunteers to always have bug-repelling lotions and sprays ready while in the country to protect themselves from insect-borne diseases.

 There has been no reported case of swine or avian flues in CERV’s placement areas of San Agustin, Romblon and Quezon City in Metro Manila.

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