Monday, November 17, 2008

More relief aid to typhoon victims

CERV and its volunteers held another food relief event for the residents of Long Beach, San Agustin, Romblon. Eighty-five families were given bags containing kilos of rice, packs of instant noodles and canned items last October 28.

As mentioned in previous entries Long Beach was heavily damaged by Typhoon Frank last July. Big waves swept many of its houses and strong winds destroyed crops and boats, leaving behind greater poverty and many illnesses. Three months after the devastation, its residents have yet to recover.

This latest relief-giving was made possible by the efforts of the Barnes Family of Kansas City, Missouri (USA). The Barneses were CERV’s first family of volunteers (Father Michael, Mother Karen, Austin, Sarah, Kim, Isaac and Lancer). They stayed at Long Beach.

Last September, Karen held a presentation before the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League about the poor in the Philippines. At the end of the event, the League donated $300 for the Barnes’ charity activities. Karen another $100 to the amount and promptly sent it to CERV.

About $150 were spent for the food bags. The remaining amount would be used for the repair of Cawayan Day Care Center, which was also heavily damaged by the typhoon.



Donations for the rehabilitation of San Agustin, Romblon after the devastation of Typhoon Frank last July are starting to do their work.

The Carmen Day Care Center, totally destroyed by huge waves at the height of the typhoon, is now being rebuilt at a more inland location. Instead of bamboo walls, the school now has concrete floor and walls. Its new bathroom will also be tiled. Its roofing and its concrete fencing has recently been completed.

After its construction, more tables and cabinets will be constructed by CERV volunteers. CERV will also buy one monobloc chair for each of its 50 students.

Volunteers currently working on the rebuilding of the school are Leighton Wood (Canada), Nels Rodelwald (US) and Roger Johnson (NZ).

In September 6, the Carmen Day Care Center was inaugurated. The ceremonies were led by the Department of Social Work and Development (DPWH) Romblon provincial director June B. Recon and attended by CERV volunteers and staff.
Meanwhile, the repair and enhancement of Sugod Elementary School library is now complete. CERV volunteers involved in the project were Denise Dunn (Australia), Scott Ince (Australia), Colin Lee Chee (Canada), Peter Barnett (NZ), Andrew Hudson (Canada), Paul Murray (US), Debbie Hall (NZ). Denise Johnson (NZ) is now using the library as her classroom for her math and art classes.

Previous to these projects, Leighton Wood completed the painting of a classroom in Cabolutan Elementary School.

Funds for these projects are being financed with donations given through FundRaise Online-New Zealand by former volunteers Dr Sophie Hamada (France), Malcolm Trevena (NZ), Li Ching Ho (Malaysia), as well as one Mr Henri Lex Tapay (nationality unknown).

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