Monday, November 17, 2008

CERV volunteers give more aid to typhoon victims

The Municipality of San Agustin in Romblon Province recently released the official number of totally and partially destroyed houses in CERV’s placement villages.

Poblacion San Agustin had 27 houses totally destroyed and 23 houses partially destroyed; Carmen had 132 houses totally destroyed and 257 partially destroyed; Sugod had 48 houses totally destroyed and 282 partially destroyed; Cabolutan had 74 houses totally destroyed; and along Beach had 42 houses totally destroyed and 282 partially destroyed.

Schools and Day Care Centers in the said villages were also either destroyed or damaged.

CERV’s mangrove planting project is totally destroyed, as well as the marine sanctuary in Carmen.
Fishing activities are also on hold, severely disrupting the first of the main economic activities of the people of San Agustin.

The Manila government issued warnings against fish-eating in the area for fear of poisoning from the toxic substances from the holds of the ship that capsized on Sibuyan Island.

Farming also took a direct hit as rice, coconut and other crops were destroyed by strong winds and floodwaters at the height of the typhoon.

“I sense desperation from the people here. They do not say it in words but you can see it in their eyes,” CERV staff Vincent Embile said.

Last week, CERV and its volunteers distributed more food items to the victims of the typhoon in Poblacion San Agustin and Carmen. Donations from volunteers Peter Barnett (New Zealand), Robin Greenway (Canada) and Catalina Lawsin (USA) benefitted 250 families who were given two kilos of rice, canned sardines and packs of instant noodles.

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