Friday, December 5, 2008

CERV celebrates International Volunteers’ Day on December 5

CERV celebrates International Volunteers Day for Economic and Social Development (IVD) on December 5 with many projects lined up to close the year and to welcome 2009.

Six international volunteers are currently involved in school building repair and maintenance projects in Sitio Veterans in Quezon City and in Barangays Cawayan, Long Beach, Sugod and Cabolutan in San Agustin, Romblon Province.

The rebuilding of Carmen Day Care Center (destroyed by Typhoon Frank in July) was recently completed by New Zealander Roger Johnson.  (Roger’s wife Denise also completed her teaching program at Sugod Elementary School.  She also spent many hours tutoring child-beneficiary Van Mark Elisan.)

The repair of Cawayan Day Care Center is made possible by the combined donations of Karen Barnes and Family and the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League of Missouri, USA.

The repair of Cabolutan Elementary School, specifically a classroom wall brought down by termites, is made possible by the donation of Australian Brendan Collopy.  The wall shall now be constructed of concrete.

Scott Dennis of Australia is painting the Day Care Center-Library-Clinic of Sitio Veterans.  Scott was encouraged to volunteer by girlfriend and former CERV-GVN volunteer Jennifer Duncombe.

Classroom painting in Sugod and Long Beach are also ongoing.

CERV also recently submitted a grant proposal to the GVN Foundation for a new mangrove nursery in Barangay Sugod.  The fund shall come from the combined donations of Susan Rife, Thomas G Lord, Kara D Festa, Richard Kastenschmidt, Laureen Gibson, Laine Smith, Eric Ladouceur, Bill A Sutherland, Claudia Larouche, Sharlyn G Briones, Jennifer Pielak and Daniel A Roquiz.  Richard, Laureen, Laine, Eric, Bill, Claudia, Sharlyn, Jennifer and Daniel were all former volunteers.  Susan is probably a relative of former volunteer Alexis Rife.  Thomas and Kara are simply good souls.

 IVD was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly through Resolution 40/212 on 17 December 1985. Governments, the United Nations system and civil society organizations have since then celebrated it on 5 December every year.

IVD provides an opportunity for volunteer organizations and individual volunteers to work together in projects and campaigns bringing added visibility to their contributions to economic and social development at local, national and international levels. Over the years, rallies, parades, community volunteering projects, environmental awareness, free medical care and other projects all featured prominently on IVD.

IVD is a special day to honor all past and active volunteers as well as an event to encourage more people to volunteer.

Volunteers provide much needed commitment and support to many underserved communities around the globe.

(And, btw, December 5 is CERV director Raymund Villanueva’s birthday!)

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