Saturday, February 28, 2009

New tree-planting program

Starting this month, CERV will be accepting environmental volunteers interested in tree nursery work, tree planting and nurturing them to full maturity.

The project entails the re-potting, trimming and nurturing seedlings in nurseries. Starting in July of this year, the seedlings will be planted along the North Luzon and the Subic-Clark-Tarlac expressways (NLEX and SCTEX) north of the capital Manila.

The objectives of the new project include saving endangered Philippine native tree species and offsetting the carbon emissions of vehicles on these two highways.

The Philippines is a bio-diversity hotspot. Many of its rare dipterocarps have been over-harvested over centuries for their superior timber quality. Many trees have also been victimized by the intrusive alien tree species that crowd them out of their natural habitats.

By planting native tree species along the country’s biggest superhighways, they will also offset the carbon emissions of vehicles. Studies show that a mature tree can absorb the harmful emissions of seven vehicles.

Moreover, by planting them along NLEX and SCTEX, the trees will be secured from being cut down in the future.

Volunteers for this project shall live in Metro Manila or with host families near the nurseries and tree planting sites.

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