Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Formal Partnership formed between CERV Philippines and Meaningful Volunteer

Meaningful Volunteer and CERV Philippines are delighted to announce a formal partnership between the two organizations.  Raymund Villanueva signed on behalf of CERV and Malcolm Trevena signed on behalf of Meaningful Volunteer.

CERV Philippines has been placing volunteers in the Philippines since 2005 and has taken an active role in a wide range of educational, environmental and medicinal projects.

Meaningful Volunteer - formed in 2008 - will bring volunteers from all over the world to assist developing communities in the Philippines.

Meaningful Volunteer and CERV Philippines will work together on a number of projects including:

  1. The RYE School
    The RYE School will be a solar powered school initially offering English and Computer Science courses.  Children attending the school will participate in community cleanups to pay for their school fees.
  2. Project Lifecycle
    Project Lifecycle makes use of simple necklaces as a form of family planning.  The project attempts to reduce the average family size on the islands of Romblon.
  3. Project Mangrove
    Project Mangrove will replant mangrove trees around Tablas Island in the Romblon province.  Mangroves are a vital part of the eco-system, provides a place for fish to lay their eggs and forms a natural barrier against tsunamis and other environmental hazards.
  4. School Building
    Much of the infrastructure on Romblon was destroyed when Typhoon Frank hit.  The School Building project helps the community to rebuild.

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