Thursday, March 19, 2009

Top international school sends teacher, students to work as volunteers

Eleven students of Li Po Chun (LPC)-United World College (UWC) of Hong Kong served as the first batch of volunteers in CERV’s latest program—nurturing and planting native trees to rehabilitate Philippine biodiversity last March 7 to 13.

 Accompanied by their Physics teacher Magan Savant (India), David Kingman (Hong Kong/USA), Mathilda Destiny Shivute (Namibia), Jimmy Hu (Hong Kong), Diana Ainembabazi (Uganda), Nicholas Chow (Trinidad & Tobago), Ted Weber Gola (Brazil), Anu Noel (Estonia), Daniel Holy (Czech Republic), Michal Varga (Slovak Republic), Kayla Tam (Hong Kong), team leader Sara Estevez Cores (Spain) spent four days re-potting, watering and pruning thousands of native tree seedlings in Rodriguez, Rizal.  They also constructed additional sheds for the nursery and donated gardening to the facility operated by CERV’s environment partner Hortica Filipina Foundation, Inc.

 They also painted wooden play blocks and further enhanced the Busilak Day Care Center and Multi-Purpose Hall of Sitio Veterans in Quezon City.

 The students’ seven-day trip is a school-sanctioned activity in furtherance of UWC’s objective of exposing its international scholars to cultural diversity and giving them a chance to contribute to development programs.

 LPC is reputedly one of the top high schools in the world.

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