Friday, March 27, 2009

One hot summer for volunteers

It’s been a very busy three months for CERV-Philippines in March, April and May.  Taking advantage of the country’s school summer break, volunteers rehabilitated two school buildings—one in Quezon City and another in San Agustin, Romblon.

CERV registered its biggest batch of volunteers with 28 MBA students from University of Chicago—Booth School of Business who practically rebuilt Area V Yakap Day Care Center in Barrio Commonwealth in Quezon City last March 21 and 22.

America’s future managers proved they could tackle backbreaking manual labor as they climbed roofs and crawled on all fours to get the job done.  What was once a run down school was given a new roof, ceiling, fans, paint job, fence, wash basins, plant boxes and school supplies.

The structure services 80 students everyday.  On weekdays and holidays, it also serves as a community health clinic, a community center, a feeding area and other purposes.  With repairs and enhancements expected to extend its serviceable life to another ten years, hundreds of children and thousands of poor residents are expected to benefit from the Illinois students’ gift.

In Romblon, a state college school building was totally rehabilitated by a succession of CERV volunteers.  Romblon State College is one of the poorest public colleges in an already poor country.  It wasn’t surprising that it hardly had money to spend on periodic paint jobs.

But thanks to Maria Cecilla Pereira (Brazil), Dagmar Gaber (Germany), Chelsea Tu (USA), Amber Marcinkoski (Canada), Lucas Frenz (Germany), Vittoria Offeddu (Italy), and Andrew Weiss (USA), the students would be greeted with a new painted school building with a new roof to boot.

It has been a hot summer in the Philippines the past months, but it was equalled by the warm feelings the volunteers get after completing a job meant to help communities in need.

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